Fürst Pückler Casting Edition

The manufacture of castings for architectural applications at the Keula iron works in Krauschwitz can be traced back to the early 19th century. Probably the most famous bridge of that time, the Fuchsia Bridge in the Blue Garden, was made to order for Prince Hermann von Pückler at his iron works in Keula. The main design feature of this bridge, the fuchsia flower pot, is part of the Fürst-Pückler Casting Edition®. This edition also includes a fence element that has been developed in the style of a historical fence in the Pückler Park in Branitz. The street lights, formerly known as candelabras, are of particular historical value. Arranged in the right places, they still today convey the atmosphere of bygone centuries. They already appear in the Keula iron works’ product catalogue of 1880. The collection further includes a selection of historic bollards. It is rounded off by three different types of park benches based on historical models. One of these models is the Prince Pückler bench from his park in Bad Muskau. The “Keula” model was – and probably is – the most widely used bench in Lusatian parks and gardens. Thanks to the long life of this model, many generations might have already used these benches without ever knowing about their historical origins.