Job castings

Keulahütte’s range of services also includes demanding industrial castings for use in the general mechanical engineering and lifting equipment and vehicle manufacturing. While castings weighing between 5 kg and 200 kg are produced in the machine moulding shop, heavier parts up to 4.5 tonnes can be made in the hand moulding shop.

The moulds and other equipment for both our own range of products and for industrial job castings are stored under optimum conditions in two spacious mould storage halls with fire monitoring systems offering a total area of 3,400 m².

The following spheroidal and grey cast iron qualities are processed:

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Two cryostats are used to determine the notch impact energy up to -40 °C.

Special materials that meet additional customer requirements, solid solution-strengthened ferritic materials and silicon- and molybdenum-alloyed spheroidal graphite cast iron (SiMo) are produced on request.

Lamellar graphite cast iron

Quality assurance

The following methods for quality assurance and quality certification are available:

  • Ultrasonic testing (US) DIN 16280-3
  • Crack testing and surface examination
  • Magnetic particle testing (MP) DIN EN 1369
  • Colour contrast penetrant testing (PT) DIN EN 1371
  • Visual inspection (VI)
  • Radiographic testing in accordance with DIN EN 12681 in co-operation with external partners

With the help of solidification simulation software, thermal centres are identified as possible pouring points already during the preparatory phase, which allows time-consuming attempts to find the most suitable casting and pouring techniques to be reduced to a bare minimum.